Sunday, November 1, 2015


It was a busy October around here, with all kinds of stuff getting made- cookies, Halloween costumes, and jack-o-lanterns in particular. Here are a few pictures of what I made this month:

Carmel Apple Pie Cookies- Yum!
First up, at the beginning of the month my youngest and I made a batch of Carmel Apple Pie Cookies. They were very tasty and I ended up making a second batch later in the month for our neighborhood Halloween Party.

Of course there were costumes to be made this month. I brought up the question of costumes while we were in Disney World in August, which lead to my kids choosing this:

Sorcerer Mickey and his enchanted broom- ready to Trick-or-Treat.

Sorcerer Mickey and his enchanted broom! My oldest bought the hat and hands at WDW, so I just had to make him a red robe. I waited for patterns to go on sale and picked up a robe pattern for $1 at Joann's. For my youngest, I used a PJ pattern and cut the pants EXTRA wide. I ended up deciding I needed some more length for extra volume at the waist so I altered it a bit there. I also put in elastic casings (using bias tape) at the ankles and cut the cuffs into zig-zag fringe, rather than hemming. The water buckets were two plastic pails that I lined with sequin dot fabric and covered on the outside with fun foam strips. I left the lining fabric extra long, so it pooled on the inside of the bucket and could be "poured" out.

 After the broom costume got worn twice (we do our neighborhood trick or treat early, and then there was trunk-or-treat at school) we decided that perhaps it wouldn't be the best choice for the school costume parade and class party,  so we ran out to Salvation Army and picked up a white dress shirt to turn into a lab coat. The cuff that were cut off of the sleeves turned into pockets. He made a great scientist!

A lab coat fit for a second grader.

Finally, on Halloween afternoon, we carved our pumpkins before heading over to my in-laws for more trick-or-treating.

 That's Benny (from The Lego Movie), a vampire minion, and Snoopy in the top row (carved by my oldest, youngest, and husband, respectively) and Statler and Waldorf (from the Muppets, and carved by me) below. I found the patterns online, but sadly can't remember where!

I also made a birthday card this month, but forgot to take a picture of it! Oh well! Can't wait to see what November brings.

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